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Sasol Germany GmbH

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25541 Brunsbüttel

Contact person:
Dr. Kay Luttmann
Tel.: + 49 (0)4852 - 392 215
E-Mail: kay.luttmann [at]

Location: Brunsbüttel

About the company

Sasol's Brunsbüttel plant belongs to Sasol Germany GmbH and therefore is part of Sasol Group, an integrated international oil and gas company based in South Africa with substantial chemical interests worldwide. The plant is a significant producer of fatty alcohols and derivatives as well as inorganic speciality chemicals, particularly high purity alumina. It has a workforce of about 520. Fatty alcohols are produced in the Brunsbüttel plant at two complete independent processes, both from petrochemical (ethylene) and renewable (fatty acids derived from e.g. coconut, palm or rapeseed oils) raw materials.

The applications to which high purity alumina can be put are many and varied. They are needed to produce refinery and chemical catalysts, are used in desulphurising petroleum products and cleaning auto exhaust fumes. High-purity aluminas are also a valuable feedstock for production of light but extremely resilient plastics, as used e.g. in aircraft construction.

In years to come, the Brunsbüttel plant will be investing some 55 million EUR in extending and upgrading its production facilities. In addition, an ethylene pipeline with a length of 54 km is to be laid form Brunsbüttel to Stade. The construction work to its end and has largely been concluded. Commissioning is planned for the second half of 2006.


Production main focuses

Fatty alcohols and derivatives; inorganic speciality chemicals, particularly high purity alumina

Peter Högenauer

Peter Högenauer

An integrated supply of raw materials through a pipeline network, modern production facilities, qualified staff and a versatile, market-oriented product portfolio secure the Brunsbüttel site.

Peter Högenauer Plant Manager Brunsbüttel of Sasol Germany GmbH