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The Hanseatic city of Stade, county seat of the county Stade in Lower Saxony, is a regional center with about 49,000 inhabitants. Stade is not only a strong business location in the metropolitan area of Hamburg, but also offers a high quality level of life. Due to the 1,000- year-old history the renovated historic center is a jewel of North German architecture. Guided city tours, flower tours through the “Altes Land”, maritime experiences as well as the “STADEUM”, regional culture and conference center, and much more do not only offer various cultural activities but also underline the touristic attractiveness. Because of its location at the Lower Elbe Stade and the surrounding landscape create a maritime flair - Stade is a favorite destination for tourists.

Stade is an attractive residential location where living at an open countryside is fitting together with living in a city - currently further residential areas are in development. Stade offers a diversified choice of schools: primary and secondary schools, two high schools, a Waldorf school and several vocational schools. In Stade the medical care is supplied by several clinical centers with various specialists like Dr. Hancken and Dr. Witwity. General physicians and medical specialists are completing medical care in Stade.

Stade also has an excellent industrial location with companies like Airbus, AOS and DOW Chemical. Stade’s port can dispatch ocean going vessels as well as river boats so that Stade is attractive for international logistics, too.

Stade has developed a research and technology center as well as a university campus for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) as unique feature in Germany: The “CFK-Valley Stade e.V.” combines the expertise of leading players of lightweight design with CFRP composites in a powerful network. More than 100 international companies and research facilities work together at the integration of CFRP-structures into shipbuilding, rail- and automobile engineering & construction and into wind energy. Since 2006 the private University of Göttingen (PFH), located at Stade campus, is offering an in Europe unique bachelor and master degree program for CFRP composites. Since 2011 you can also study "Business Administration" in Stade. One of the world's largest research centers for lightweight construction with CFRP is located in Stade. Major research institutions such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, companies such as EADS as well as universities are active to ensure that the future potential of CFRP is developed.

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Sönke Hartlef

Sönke Hartlef

The ChemCoast project is an important building block aimed at bundling the activities of the chemical industry outside the boundaries of each individual location and creating real-value synergies. This strengthens North Germany as a chemical location, jobs in the region are protected and the chances of creating new jobs are increased.

Sönke Hartlef The Mayor of Stade