Ideal production conditions with modern, integrated infrastructure

The Stade location has many general advantages for investors. A direct investment in connection with the Stade location provides the best prerequisites for long-term, cost-effective production, as it offers the opportunity of using a modern, integrated infrastructure and shared services. Important synergy effects are created through the shared raw material deliveries, acceptance and/or processing of finished goods and integration into the production alliance.

Important synergy effects through useful service offerings

  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Further processing, such as thermal processing (disposal) of liquid and solid production residues.
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Safety/environmental protection
    • Technical plant safety
    • Site safety
    • Site security
    • Emergency service
    • Occupational safety
    • Fire fighting service
    • Environmental service
  • Consulting services in the areas of
    • Plant construction
    • Permit proceedings
    • Purchasing
    • Public relations
    • Work process and interface management
  • Training and further training
  • Analytical service

Standort Features

Sönke Hartlef

Sönke Hartlef

The ChemCoast project is an important building block aimed at bundling the activities of the chemical industry outside the boundaries of each individual location and creating real-value synergies. This strengthens North Germany as a chemical location, jobs in the region are protected and the chances of creating new jobs are increased.

Sönke Hartlef The Mayor of Stade