Leisure activities

Working where other people go on holiday!

Modern industrial facilities and jobs are available at the gateway to an attractive recreation area which is fully committed to soft tourism.

Well away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas, the chemical industry in particular has established facilities in Brunsbüttel. Employees live close to their workplace in small towns and communities, in the green marshland on the coast, on the hilly heath land, in a landscape immersed in country life and agricultural activity that offers excellent housing and a high quality of life.


The living environment is very family-friendly

The metropolis of Hamburg is just an hour’s drive away; the North Sea, with its unique mud flats nature park and the North Friesian island world of Amrun, Föhr and Sylt “just outside the front door”, the Baltic with its traditional seaside resorts are not far away.

Small town structures offer the prerequisites for a sound education – from kindergartens to primary and secondary schools through to vocational colleges, technical colleges and senior technical colleges.


You will soon feel at home here.

There is a wide range of sports and leisure activities; obviously water sports are especially popular. Cultural highlights from village festivals to the internationally known Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival round off the features of this region with its unique character. It won’t take long for you to feel at home here.