Traffic connection

The Stade location – connections to all main transport routes

Stade, which lies close to the mouth of the River Elbe, has numerous connections to all the main traffic routes.

Transport/Traffic connections
Interstates approx. 35 km A1/A7
approx. 3 km A26
Train connection ja
Own industrial railroad ja
Next Train Station Stade
Next Airport Hamburg
International Port Stade
Domestic Port Hamburg and Stade
Resource Pipeline Ethylene pipeline from Stade to Brunsbüttel
and Teutschenthal (Halle an der Saal)

Standort Features

Sönke Hartlef

Sönke Hartlef

The ChemCoast project is an important building block aimed at bundling the activities of the chemical industry outside the boundaries of each individual location and creating real-value synergies. This strengthens North Germany as a chemical location, jobs in the region are protected and the chances of creating new jobs are increased.

Sönke Hartlef The Mayor of Stade