Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s only deep water port. This is why the container hub “JadeWeserPort” – Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) is being constructed here.
Wilhelmshaven is an energy hub, and a location for the chemical industry and state-of-the-art maritime technology. Science is also at home here with research institutes for marine biology, marine chemistry, marine engineering and wind power, not to mention the Jade University of Applied Sciences.
The Wilhelmshaven deep water port is officially classified as a “priority location for port and energy industries”. The main focus of the maritime industry is in the following sectors:

  • Port operation and logistics
  • Energy and chemical industry
  • Marine and offshore engineering
  • Marine research
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Industrial sites

Relocation sites
The industrial sites available in Wilhelmshaven are characterised by large industrial plots located directly adjacent to the deep navigable channel. They are mainly attractive to companies which require navigable channels deep enough to handle ocean-going ships, as well as industrial operations which require large amounts of land. There is plenty of land available here for further development.
The “JadeWeserPort” – Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) which will start operation in August 2012, expands the site availability in a very special way – 160 hectares are now available for the development of the Freight Village. The combination with the container terminal makes this an unprecedented constellation in Germany!

Whole Chemistry Others
3343 ha* 2300 ha 2342 ha
*) Total area for industrial production

Energy, Water, Waste & Exhaust Air

All essential services for energy, water, waste and waste gas are available at the location.

Central Power Supply
steam electricity natural gas compr. Air hydrogen
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industrial water drinking water desalinated water central waste water system organic water treatment facility miscellaneous
ja ja ja ja ja ja
waste treatment plant temporary waste storage disposal site miscellaneous
ja nein ja nein
Purification or Fractionation of the Air
exhaust air purification facility fractionation of the air: nitrogen fractionation of the air: oxygen fractionation of the air: inert gases
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The extensive range of products provides outstanding prerequisites for companies to cooperate in a coordinated fashion.
Natural gas, crude oil, chlorine, petroleum products, ethanol/FAME, additives, caustic soda, EDC,

Personnel and training

There will be a rapid increase in the demand for qualified staff in future. The job market in Wilhelmshaven is tackling this challenge. Employment agencies and service companies as well as training organisations, are available in Wilhelmshaven to find and place employees and to acquire the necessary qualifications. It is possible for the acquisition of qualifications to be tailored to clients’ needs either in parallel to working time or on a full-time basis, involving either short-term training measures or retraining programmes lasting several years. The employer service of the Federal Employment Agency is partner in selecting employees, and the options available for the financial support of qualification measures.
Also the many different science and research institutions guarantee a continued supply of well-trained employees

Economic development

To optimise the benefits of Wilhelmshaven as a location, local businesses and the city work closely together in a well coordinated manner. WFG Wirtschaftsförderung in Wilhelmshaven GmbH is the business development partner for companies active in all industrial sectors. It provides a comprehensive relocation service from a single source.

ChemCoast Locations

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  • Wilhelmshaven

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Wilhelmshaven is Germany’s only deep water port. This is why the container hub “JadeWeserPort” – Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) is being constructed here. Wilhelmshaven is an energy hub, and a location for the...
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Standort Features

Carsten Feist

Carsten Feist

The chemical location of Wilhelmshaven sees the Jade-Weser Port and the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven with their geographical and logistical advantages as an excellent opportunity to strengthen the coastal area as a chemical region. We believe it is a good thing that all the chemical locations are networked in terms of a cluster – with the chemical companies in our region we would like to contribute the extensive areas that are already established as chemical locations to further this development. Together, we are well on our way to achieving this.

Carsten Feist Lord Mayor of the City of Wilhelmshaven