Traffic connection

Traffic connection

The IndustriePark Lingen is already outstanding connected with the international trading. Three interstate highways (the B 70, B 213 and B 214) run along Lingen. The federal motorway A 30 establishes the east west connection. The federal motorway A 31 establishes the north south connection.

Lingen is connected with the railway line Ruhrgebiet-Nordseeküste with own sidings. Lingen furthermore disposes of an waterway connection to the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal.

Traffic connection
Federal motorways BAB A31 (Emden-Oberhausen)
BAB A30 (Amsterdam-Berlin)
Railway connection ja
Own industrial railway traffic nein
Nearby railway station Bahnhof Lingen (10 Min.)
Nearby airports Regionalflughafen Lingen (15 Min.)
Münster/Osnabrück (50 Min.)
International ports Emden (130 km), Wilhelmshaven
Inland port Lingen
Raw material pipelines North west oil line, among other things five natural
gas pipelines (for every required stage of compression
natural gas can be offered)

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Dieter Krone

Dieter Krone

I'm glad to be able to enrich the ChemCoast network with our special location. The IndustriePark Lingen offers with his unusual concept of industrial islands in the park already many companies from the chemical branch exactly what they search. I look forward to lively debates within our network and your enquiries.

Dieter Krone Senior mayor of the city Lingen