Traffic connection

Wilhelmshaven – all areas zoned for industrial use have good transport connections

All of the industrial and commercial plots have good transport connections. The German motorway network and railway tracks lead directly to the industrial and port areas.
The A 29 motorway starts directly outside industrial area and the container terminal – an unbeatable time advantage. The same also applies to the rail connections which start at the trimodal terminal at the container port.
Industrial real estate for freight handling businesses with direct access to the water is available in the inner port.
Business travellers have a direct connection to the German and global air traffic network via the JadeWeserAirport in Wilhelmshaven-Mariensiel (, with IFR flight operations).


Transport/Traffic connections
Interstates A29
Train connection ja
Own industrial railroad ja
Next Train Station Wilhelmshaven
Next Airport Bremen
International Port Wilhelmshaven
Inland Port Wilhelmshaven
Resource Pipeline Crude oil pipeline to Cologne-Wesseling
Crude oil pipeline to Hamburg
Crude oil pipeline to Wilhelmshaven-Rüstringen
Crude oil pipeline to Friedeburg-Etzel
Crude oil pipeline to Epe-Gronau
Bride lines Wilhelmshaven-Rüstringen

Standort Features

Carsten Feist

Carsten Feist

The chemical location of Wilhelmshaven sees the Jade-Weser Port and the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven with their geographical and logistical advantages as an excellent opportunity to strengthen the coastal area as a chemical region. We believe it is a good thing that all the chemical locations are networked in terms of a cluster – with the chemical companies in our region we would like to contribute the extensive areas that are already established as chemical locations to further this development. Together, we are well on our way to achieving this.

Carsten Feist Lord Mayor of the City of Wilhelmshaven