Impressive location advantages, state-of-the-art service landscape

In Wilhelmshaven industries in a wide range of segments have developed involving steel engineering, crane engineering and precision engineering. These sectors are supplemented by medium-sized companies involved in shipbuilding and ship repairs. 
One of the main industrial sectors in Wilhelmshaven is the port industry with its wharfs, sea port service companies, service providers and repair businesses, transhipment and handling businesses, and agencies, etc. The “JadeWeserPort” – Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) due for commissioning in August 2012, and the Freight Village provide excellent prospects for employment in areas such as logistics and distribution.
Another element of the “Wilhelmshaven energy hub” programme is the chemical industry (PVC and chlorine gas production) as well as power generation (two coal-fired power stations, wind power).
Other important sectors include food and enjoyment foods with a chocolate factory, fish processing, and the import and chilling of food.
The adjacent Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer National Park (part of the Wattenmeer UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site) provides the basis for the major tourism industry in the region.
The German defence forces (German navy, navy arsenal, logistics centre) together with the public sector, are the main pillars of the local employment market. Marine technology companies enjoy the related benefits of this maritime and naval location.
Wilhelmshaven is home to research institutes for marine geology, biology and chemistry, for wind power, as well as coastal and ornithological research. An up-and-coming research area is marine engineering. Jade University of Applied Sciences provides courses focusing on engineering and economics including a “Marine engineering” course. Synergies and competence clusters are opened up by co-operation with companies engaged in marine engineering and their research and development departments.

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Carsten Feist

Carsten Feist

The chemical location of Wilhelmshaven sees the Jade-Weser Port and the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven with their geographical and logistical advantages as an excellent opportunity to strengthen the coastal area as a chemical region. We believe it is a good thing that all the chemical locations are networked in terms of a cluster – with the chemical companies in our region we would like to contribute the extensive areas that are already established as chemical locations to further this development. Together, we are well on our way to achieving this.

Carsten Feist Lord Mayor of the City of Wilhelmshaven