Seehafen Stade e.V. ℅ IHK Stade

Seehafen Stade e.V. ℅ IHK Stade

Seehafen Stade e.V. ℅ IHK Stade LogoAm Schäferstieg 2
21680 Stade

Contact person:
Martin Bockler
Tel.: 04141/524-137
Fax: 04141/524-113
m.bockler [at]

Location: Stade

About the company

Although the seaport Stade, measured in transhipment of goods, is one of the three largest ports in Lower Saxony, it has had a low public profile up to now. As a result of the opening up and enlargement of the harbour now taking place, it is time to determine and pursue a new course. For this reason the Port Business Association, "Seehafen Stade e.V", has been founded.


Main Aims

The aims of the "Seehafen Stade e.V." are to bring together all parties within and outside Stade who have an interest in the economic well-being of the port, and to promote Stade as a port and economic location. A further aim is to concentrate and coordinate the interests of the members in relation to other institutions and third parties.

Martin Bockler

Martin Bockler
Martin Bockler Managing director